Mr Chart Adventure Tour

Like no other trek in Thailand. Trekking in non-touristic areas!

This trip offers a real cultural experience off the beaten track. Mr Chart and his team of experienced guides offer you a unique 1-5 day trek into the jungles near Pai.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Survive in the jungle using only natural materials such as bamboo and banana leaves.
  • Cook traditional food and use ingredients found in nature.
  • Learn about animals, insects and flowers of the area.
  • Visit a Lisu tribal village with a strong history dating back 200-300 years. It is one of the last villages unaffected by tourism in the area. The guides provide
    you with the best insight into hill tribes and their amazing culture
  • Follow naturally created footpaths used by mountain people and animals alike.

* No elephants
* No rafting

You haven't seen the real Thailand until you've trekked
with Mr Chart and Bamboo House!